"Dress-up" application to create characters from parts of a set of images
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Prexxer is a simple program to combine parts of a set of images (one with a general body shape, another with hair styles, etc.) into one single character, kind of like a dress-up program. This is useful to combine sprites made by artists and create your own character, eg. for videogames. The result can of course be exported to PNG.

The first version uses the “Pixel People” sprites by TokyoGeisha. Maybe one day I'll modify it so you can load your own set of sprites.

The name is a portmanteau of “pixel” and “dresser”, and is a small experiment in Elm.

Using online

Just visit the URL below:


Again, note that by now you can only use the “Pixel People” sprites, but it should not be a lot of work to add other sprites.


To develop, you can open a terminal and type:

npm run dev

You will then have the development version in http://localhost:3333 .