ClojureScript+React/Om clone of 2048
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(ns ttfe.core
(:require [om.core :as om :include-macros true]
[om.dom :as dom :include-macros true]
[ttfe.board :refer [move-left move-right move-up move-down
new-board add-tile movements-left?]]))
(defn new-game []
{:board (new-board)
:already-won false
:paused false})
(def app-state
(def move-fns [move-up move-right move-down move-left])
(defn divs-for-board [board]
(reduce (fn [row-acc row-n]
(let [row (nth board row-n)]
(concat row-acc
(reduce (fn [acc col-n]
(let [cell (nth row col-n)]
(if (nil? cell)
(conj acc
(dom/div #js {:className (str "tile tile-" cell " tile-position-" (inc col-n) "-" (inc row-n))}
(dom/div #js {:className "tile-inner"} cell))))))
(range (count row))))))
(range (count board))))
(defn tiles-view [app owner]
(render [_]
(let [cell-divs (divs-for-board (:board app))]
(apply dom/div
#js {:id "tiles" :className "tile-container"}
(defn end-game [class message]
(let [msg-cont (. js/document (querySelector ".game-message"))]
; The game could have been won and continued, so let's make sure
; the "game won" mark is not there when the game is lost after
; winning
(.remove (.-classList msg-cont) "game-won")
(.add (.-classList msg-cont) class)
(-> msg-cont
(.getElementsByTagName "p")
(.item 0)
(set! message))))
(defn init []
(let [input-manager (js/KeyboardInputManager.)]
(.on input-manager
(fn [direction]
(if-not (:paused @app-state)
(let [move-fn (nth move-fns direction)]
(swap! app-state
(fn [state]
(let [board (:board state)
moved-board (move-fn board)]
(if (not= board moved-board)
(assoc-in state [:board] (add-tile moved-board))
(when (and (contains? (set (flatten (:board @app-state))) 2048)
(not (:already-won @app-state)))
(swap! app-state (fn [state] (merge state {:already-won true
:paused true})))
(end-game "game-won" "You win!"))
(when-not (movements-left? (:board @app-state))
(end-game "game-over" "Game over!"))))))
(.on input-manager
(fn []
(let [msg-cont (. js/document (querySelector ".game-message"))]
(.remove (.-classList msg-cont) "game-won")
(.remove (.-classList msg-cont) "game-over")
(swap! app-state
(fn [state]
(.on input-manager
(fn []
(swap! app-state (fn [state] (assoc-in state [:paused] false)))
(let [msg-cont (. js/document (querySelector ".game-message"))]
(.remove (.-classList msg-cont) "game-won")
(.remove (.-classList msg-cont) "game-over"))))
(om/root tiles-view
{:target (. js/document (getElementById "tiles"))})))