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  Lokesh Dhakar fa245cc674 Cleanup 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 349c9ec8f0 Upgrade jQuery 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 4edeff6cb4 Switch to Grunt from Rake 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar d0d93bde0e Demo page style updates 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar cd7eaf3e0e Make next click target bigger than prev 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b660645997 Support wrapAround with keyboard nav 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar d86526ee04 Merge pull request #96 from rebizu/master 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 6ad8814388 Use plain old CSS vs SASS for lightbox.css 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8c386bc233 Merge pull request #142 from ghost/patch-1 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c0cc4b748c Allow data-title attribute for setting caption. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar cc30257d13 Back to plain ole Javascript from Coffeescript. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b027f15ea8 Merge pull request #174 from mikealmond/master 7 years ago
  Mike Almond c17da5258c Fix double request from an empty img:src attribute 7 years ago
  Alecsandru Constantin Radu Prună 3a08848494 Removed a </li> to make the page validate as HTML5 7 years ago
  Rene Brokholm f8d4a10635 ie nav fix 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c5b545bfbd Add max-width: inherit css rule to lb-image class. This fixes conflict with bootstrap which sets max-width: 100% to all img tags. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 50d5eb67b4 README stylistic edits. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 1e62ca272f Transition the prev/next opacities on hover. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 994ae69a08 Demo page finessing. Paragraph margin bottom increase and addition of author credits at bottom of page. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 271f742f7c Updated demo page for v2.6 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar eb23d84f34 Merge pull request #53 from TheConstructor/bundler 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b2655b3ba9 PR#49 from Heleen: Fit images in viewport is limited to horizontal viewport size FIX 8 years ago
  Matthias Vill cffbf0a8f9 Added Bundler-support and compass-commands. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 4e663da1c7 Merge pull request #52 from XhmikosR/master 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 4941885119 Merge pull request #51 from XhmikosR/package.json 8 years ago
  XhmikosR 07534b46d9 Update jquery. 8 years ago
  XhmikosR 20f02ee435 package.json: fix coffee command. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 60a57f19a3 Merge pull request #47 from XhmikosR/package.json 8 years ago
  XhmikosR 64d43351ee Add JSHint support. 8 years ago
  XhmikosR 06af6cc1cb Add a package.json. 8 years ago
  XhmikosR a6da96a93e Add an .npmignore file. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 2e1704195b Merge pull request #46 from XhmikosR/master 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 9339d8535b Merge pull request #50 from mwasson/master 8 years ago
  mwasson d542203929 removed unnecessary control flow--even no image size change requires full resizeDuration time 8 years ago
  mwasson c59f6b1c76 replaced two localizable strings with single function that returns an easy-to-read interpolated string 8 years ago
  XhmikosR 544966810f Losslessly compress close.png. 8 years ago
  XhmikosR a5842cb48f Update index.html. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar ab6f227b99 Add back link to the Forum on the demo page. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 953badffff Moved close and loading images references out of js and into css. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8e00c3086c New @fitImagesInViewport option. Set to 'true' by default. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8bbb8acafe Cache jQuery objects after building html. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 65dadb3f06 Fixed my twitter link in readme file. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c31a0eba6a Support for HTML5 valid data-lightbox attribute as an alternative to rel="lightbox" 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar d0f5e958ab Remove mysterious embedded image from the prev/next navigation css. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 6d71c9b4e0 Added showImageNumberLabel option 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar f9740f4eac Added options.wrapAround 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar d15de5d319 Better IE support for demo page with modernize and html5shiv. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar be45999b01 Updationg demo page style to match Color Thief page continued. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c1210c2d14 FIX: incorrect loader jQuery reference causes loading spinner to only appear once and not reappear. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 468b86f4a4 Design updates to Lightbox demo page. 8 years ago