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  Lokesh Dhakar 9339d8535b Merge pull request #50 from mwasson/master 7 years ago
  mwasson d542203929 removed unnecessary control flow--even no image size change requires full resizeDuration time 7 years ago
  mwasson c59f6b1c76 replaced two localizable strings with single function that returns an easy-to-read interpolated string 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 544966810f Losslessly compress close.png. 7 years ago
  XhmikosR a5842cb48f Update index.html. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar ab6f227b99 Add back link to the Forum on the demo page. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 953badffff Moved close and loading images references out of js and into css. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8e00c3086c New @fitImagesInViewport option. Set to 'true' by default. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8bbb8acafe Cache jQuery objects after building html. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 65dadb3f06 Fixed my twitter link in readme file. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c31a0eba6a Support for HTML5 valid data-lightbox attribute as an alternative to rel="lightbox" 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar d0f5e958ab Remove mysterious embedded image from the prev/next navigation css. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 6d71c9b4e0 Added showImageNumberLabel option 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar f9740f4eac Added options.wrapAround 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar d15de5d319 Better IE support for demo page with modernize and html5shiv. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar be45999b01 Updationg demo page style to match Color Thief page continued. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c1210c2d14 FIX: incorrect loader jQuery reference causes loading spinner to only appear once and not reappear. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 468b86f4a4 Design updates to Lightbox demo page. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar fc7e8d28ce Dropped unnecessary semicolons from lightbox.coffee that were causing compilation issues on an old version of Coffeescript (v1.1.1) 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 1dcbae68a2 Typo in index.html <script> tag. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 58cb752a06 Merge pull request #26 from XhmikosR/master 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 30c017b0f5 Update jQuery to 1.10.1 and rename jquery smooth-scroll to jquery.smooth-scroll-1.4.10.min.js. 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 84ec3db99b README.markdown: cosmetic changes 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 3346194593 index.html: move rel="stylesheet" after link for consistency 7 years ago
  XhmikosR bfb27ee48e fix a few JSHint warnings 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 961964f1bf rename the images folder to img 7 years ago
  XhmikosR a0aa8d157b index.html: reindent 7 years ago
  XhmikosR ce79871fc7 remove trailing spaces 7 years ago
  XhmikosR dec8fa405e ignore all .DS_Store files 7 years ago
  XhmikosR ef32289363 index.html: 7 years ago
  XhmikosR c856df3508 index.html: use tabs for consistency 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 282ed780cf convert favicon.gif to ico 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 4419897dee Compress images. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar ae9a709917 Donate button gets hover state just like all the other buttons. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar df42c2049e Upgraded query from 1.7.2 to 1.10.1. Dropped jquery-ui from demo page. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 2e723e2bfc Updated Twitter link to my new username: @lokesh 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8ac5546556 Merge pull request #35 from careilly/update_for_jquery_1.9.0 7 years ago
  Colman Reilly 89e6994c59 Updated the lightbox script to work with jQuery 1.9 - see https://github.com/lokesh/lightbox2/issues/29 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar a9e6453897 Minor css edit to p.lead 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 838acdfb44 removed rsync-include from repo 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 48693ec76d removed Rakefile from repo 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar a141fa876b readme 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar e76df94ff0 updated readme with license info 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 9ede576715 2.51 repackaged 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 95ebdff679 2.51 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8835d56882 IE8 display wrong image in group set occasionally. Fixed. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 853ddaf226 minor edits to 2.51 package 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar a54ddb418c better handling of lightbox clicks on content that is added dynamically 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar ef03f5de45 Merge pull request #3 from julesjanssen/master 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b6da16518a Alias jquery to $ inside the scope of the anon function that wraps all the code. 8 years ago