50 Commits (master)

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  Esteban Manchado Velázquez d2379e8187 Allow other elements to start the gallery 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 2e7daa84b9 Release 2.7.1 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar cdf71e1647 Fix: Links in captions not clickable 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 0c405adf2d v2.7.0 Release 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b85c2c5b0a Add option 'alwaysShowNavOnTouchDevices' 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 85b71780e9 Add positionFromTop option 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b65993ae19 Fix: Overlay causing horizontal scrollbar on resize 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar fe592d281e Removed the resizeDuration if there is no resize nessesary. @qantourisc 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 44a835e129 Fix #116: .lb-dataContainer fade in bug 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar fa245cc674 Cleanup 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 349c9ec8f0 Upgrade jQuery 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b660645997 Support wrapAround with keyboard nav 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c0cc4b748c Allow data-title attribute for setting caption. 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar cc30257d13 Back to plain ole Javascript from Coffeescript. 6 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 271f742f7c Updated demo page for v2.6 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b2655b3ba9 PR#49 from Heleen: Fit images in viewport is limited to horizontal viewport size FIX 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 07534b46d9 Update jquery. 7 years ago
  mwasson d542203929 removed unnecessary control flow--even no image size change requires full resizeDuration time 7 years ago
  mwasson c59f6b1c76 replaced two localizable strings with single function that returns an easy-to-read interpolated string 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 953badffff Moved close and loading images references out of js and into css. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8e00c3086c New @fitImagesInViewport option. Set to 'true' by default. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8bbb8acafe Cache jQuery objects after building html. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c31a0eba6a Support for HTML5 valid data-lightbox attribute as an alternative to rel="lightbox" 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 6d71c9b4e0 Added showImageNumberLabel option 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar f9740f4eac Added options.wrapAround 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar d15de5d319 Better IE support for demo page with modernize and html5shiv. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar c1210c2d14 FIX: incorrect loader jQuery reference causes loading spinner to only appear once and not reappear. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 468b86f4a4 Design updates to Lightbox demo page. 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar fc7e8d28ce Dropped unnecessary semicolons from lightbox.coffee that were causing compilation issues on an old version of Coffeescript (v1.1.1) 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 30c017b0f5 Update jQuery to 1.10.1 and rename jquery smooth-scroll to jquery.smooth-scroll-1.4.10.min.js. 7 years ago
  XhmikosR bfb27ee48e fix a few JSHint warnings 7 years ago
  XhmikosR 961964f1bf rename the images folder to img 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar df42c2049e Upgraded query from 1.7.2 to 1.10.1. Dropped jquery-ui from demo page. 7 years ago
  Colman Reilly 89e6994c59 Updated the lightbox script to work with jQuery 1.9 - see https://github.com/lokesh/lightbox2/issues/29 7 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 8835d56882 IE8 display wrong image in group set occasionally. Fixed. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar a54ddb418c better handling of lightbox clicks on content that is added dynamically 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar b6da16518a Alias jquery to $ inside the scope of the anon function that wraps all the code. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 7b11f4b20b Added Rakefile build script. Woot! Also, new release 2.51 that removes console.log-s that were breaking IE. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 5d59911a44 - IE8 was not getting transparency on overlay 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar bcb9d2efbc Fixed IE8. Last fix didn't work. Modernizr was breaking IE8. Removed Modernizr, everything works. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 0a5528cf4f IE8 FIX - was a doctype issue 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 02a3ce36f6 Removed modernizr, jquery-ui, and jquery transit dependencies. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 3ec5722223 Occasional flashes of an image when closing lightbox was likely being caused by an unsupported easing function used. I was using in-out easing with css animation jquery plugin transit. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 4452f2eb48 More edits to the demo page. Also, bug fix for keyboard nav events being attached over and over. 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar fd63bfba6c Coffeescript conversion complete 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 32dcef54fe switch to coffeescript and sass almost complete 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 43a074bf10 new images and redesigned demo page 8 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar bf2fcb3124 removed dsstore 9 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 965175516e Updated README 9 years ago
  Lokesh Dhakar 6c3df93f8f first commit 9 years ago