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This is a personal wiki system written in Javascript.


Wiki-toki is meant for private use and as such you need to logging to see or edit its pages. To login you only type a passphrase (there are no separate users, as it's meant for a single person).

  • Pages are written in Markdown
  • Live page preview while editing
  • Preview of linked images
  • Search, both for titles and content
  • Page sharing: you can share certain pages so they are visible through a special URL
  • Upload files to pages
  • Renaming pages

The big missing feature is versioning: once you edit, there's no way to go back to previous versions.

Using it

To start it, you have to pass the configuration as environment variables:

npm_package_config_store_directory=tmp/store \
    npm_package_config__passphrase=secret-password \
    npm_package_config_session_secret=some-better-secret \
    npm_package_config_quiet=1 \
    node app.js

Note the npm_package_config_quiet variable, which suppresses a startup message. You might need that to run Wiki-Toki on your web server.

Running the tests

You can run the unit tests with buster-test, and the functional tests by running testem and going to http://localhost:7357 with a web browser.


The picture and PDF link icons are made by Jozef Krajčovič, and taken from

The search icon is made by Yannick Lung, and was taken from

The trashcan icon is also made by Yannick Lung, and was taken from

The add attachment icon is made by Linh Pham Thi Dieu, and was taken from