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My emacs directory

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 3 months ago

Sources for music.hcoder.org (using Middleman)

Updated 4 months ago

An extremely simple web interface to search with TMSU (https://tmsu.org/), geared towards finding audio files.

Updated 5 months ago

Simple Clojure program to send a selection of old photos from a Shotwell database

Updated 5 months ago

Fixed version of the style.css provided by Roberto Puzzanghera's patch available at https://notes.sagredo.eu/en/qmail-notes-185/qmailadmin-23.html. This patch improves the visual appearance of qmailadmin, a web admin interface for the qmail mail server.

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Updated 8 months ago

My custom firmware for my keyboard.io's Model 01 keyboard. The directory should probably be called `Model01-Firmware__custom_` because the Arduino IDE is weird.

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Personal wiki engine

Updated 10 months ago

Código del libro "El camino a un mejor programador"

Updated 10 months ago

Libro "El camino a un mejor programador"

Updated 10 months ago

The original lightbox script, finally on github. http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/

Updated 10 months ago

Small piano to explore and learn music theory

Updated 10 months ago

Super simple, command-line dice roller written in Nim

Updated 10 months ago